Part 2012
Painted Steel, Plastic, Boat Wrap
104"x 114"x 61"
Swell 2012
HDPE, Platinum Silicone, Cellophane
35"x 15"x 10.5"
Clot 2012
HDPE, Cast Iron, Platinum Silicone, Resin
64"x 24"x 8"
Clot 2012 (second view)
Workout 2012
HDPE, Rawhide, Foam, Steel, String
48"x 48"x 20"
Form of Togetherness 2012
Cast Iron, Foam, Twine, Platinum Silicone, Massage Tool
70"x 26"x 14"
Form of Togetherness 2012 (detail view)
Skin Appendages 2012
Steel, Cast Iron, Rawhide, Massage Tool, HDPE, Balance Stone
36"x 72"x 12"
Skin Appendages 2012 (detail view)
Skin Appendages 2012 (detail view)
Drop 2012
Steel, HDPE, Wire, Foam Neck Rest (inverted)
80"x 35"x 14"
Plunger 2012
Painted Steel, HDPE, Platinum Silicone, Cutting Board
44"x 48"x 9.5"
Plunger 2012 (detail view)
Hold Deformed 2012
HDPE, Urethane, Rawhide, String
36"x 48"x 48"
Hold Deformed 2012 (second view)
Pause 2012
Steel, Platinum Silicone, Cervical Relief Pillow, Grip Tape
43"x 76"x 12"
Pause 2012 (detail view)
Veneration of Relics 2013
Rawhide, Marine Grade Foam,Monofilament, HDPE
67"x 84"x 14"
Gear 2013
Cast Iron, HDPE, Vinyl Coated Cushion
43"x 21"x 21"
Applique 2013
Painted Steel, Platinum Silicone, Cervical Relief Pillow, Bald Cap
48"x 13"x 9"
Still Point 2013
Steel, Plastic, Rawhide, Platinum Silicone, Toe Sock 45"x 92"x 6"
Shape of What 2013
Steel, HDPE, Platinum Silicone, Rug Gripper
66"x 19"x 16"
Shape of What 2012 (side view)
I am Beautiful 2013
HDPE, Urethane, Bathmat, Rawhide, Marine Grade Foam, Massage Tool
61"x 36"x 24"
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Shape of What 2012 (side view)