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Ross Knight

Born in Lafayette, Indiana

Lives & works in Brooklyn, NY



Ross Knight

Born in Lafayette, IN
Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


1987 BFA, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

One Person Exhibitions: 

2016 Team Gallery, New York, NY 

2013 Richard Telles Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA

2012 Team Gallery, New York, NY 

2007 Team Gallery, New York, NY 

2005 Team Gallery, New York, NY

2004 Display Contemporary Art Center, Prague, Czech Republic, 

2004 D Lyx Gallery, Malmo, Sweden
2004 Sculpture Center, New York, NY, In Practice Projects

2003 Team Gallery, New York, NY 

2000 Team Gallery, New York, NY 

1998 Team Gallery, New York, NY

Two-person Exhibitions:

2012 Frieze Art Fair, London, UK, Marc Hundley & Ross Knight

1996 Shark Editions, Toronto , Ontario, Canada (collaborative with Jackie McAllister)

1994 American Fine Arts Co. NY,NY Imi Knoebel or Evel Knievel? (collaborative Jackie McAllister)

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2021 Broadway Gallery NY NY Grouper (organized by Pascal Spengemann)

2019 Team Gallery, NY NY Sport Cult

2018 Salon 94 Gallery NY, NY Blood Clots (curated by Kayode Ojo) 

2017 Knockdown Center, Queens, NY, Unseen Hand (curated by Nikita Vishnevskiy)

2013 Columbus College of Art & Design, Columbus, OH, My Crippled Friend (curated by Michael


2012Grimm Gallery (Keizersgracht), Amsterdam, Netherlands, Pewter Wings, Golden Horns, Stone Veils (curated by Nick van Woert)

2011 Hendershot Gallery, New York, NY, Keep Out You Thieving Bastards

2010 Team Gallery, New York, NY, Forced Exposure (curated by Miriam Katzeff)

2008 Apex, New York, NY, Perverted by Theater (curated by Franklin Evans)

2006 Wanas Foundation, Knislinge, Sweden, Wanas 2006 (with catalog)

2004 Brooklyn College, New York, NY, Floorplay 

2004 D Lyx Gallery, Malmö, Sweden, Livingroom

2003 Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, NY, 2003 Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition 

2003 JG Contemporary, New York, NY, Post / Contra Abstraction
2003 White Box Annex, New York, NY, The Ta Da Show (curated by Amy Davila)
2003 MoCA D.C., Washington, D.C., Abstract Infinity (curated by Felicity Hogan)

2002 P.S.1 Museum, New York, NY, Building Structures (curated by Klaus Biesenbach and Daniel Marzona) 

2002 d.u.m.b.o. Arts Center, New York, NY, Pass Me The Butterfly (curated by Tim and Frantiska Gilman-Sevcik)
2002 Alternative Space, London, UK, Love (curated by David Risley)

2001 Team Gallery, New York, NY, Perfunctory
2001 Art Unlimited, Basel, Switzerland (with catalogue)
1999 Team Gallery, New York, NY

1999 Tucson Museum of Contemporary Art, Tucson, AZ, Interplay (curated by Caitlin Masley) 

1999 Team Gallery, New York, NY, Shiny Shiny
1998 P.S.1 Museum, New York, NY, Special Projects

1998 Team Gallery, New York, NY, Roomic Cube (for T.M.)

1997 Art Metropole, Toronto, Canada, Complete Shark Editions

1995 alternative space, Hartford, CT, Word of Mouth (curated by David Borawski) alternative space, 1995 New York, NY, High Anxiety (curated by Kenny Schachter) Sculpture Center, New York,

1995 NY Looky Loo (curated by Kenny Schachter)

1994 Castle Gallery, New Rochelle, NY, Toys/Art/Us

1993 Nordanstand Gallery, New York, NY

1990 P.S. 122 Gallery, New York, NY, Selections P.S.1 Museum, New York, NY, Studio Exhibitions


2003 Emerging Artist Fellowship, Socrates Sculpture Park, New York, NY

1988 National Studio Program, P.S. 1, New York, NY
1988 Fellowship Recipient, Minnesota State Arts Board/Jerome Foundation

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Teaching Positions:

2014 - Present
Associate Professor at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY

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